Two or Three things you want to know about Japanese Sake


Sake has played a central role in the life and culture of Japanese people
for about two thousand years,during which time
the knowledge and skills required for sake production have spread to
every region of the country.
Today, some 2,000 breweries of all sizes are engaged
in the production of sake. Together, they produce more than
10,000 brands of Japan’s national beverage.
Sake is, at its simplest, a concoction of rice, water, and mold.
Because of this, the type of rice used, the purity of the water,
and other basic quality standards make a huge difference in the type
of sake created. So fine water and fine rice are natural prerequisites
sakeset if one hopes to brew great sake.

Sake can be enjoyed at a wide range of temperatures, from approximately
5 to 55℃. Traditionally, summer sakes are served chilled, while winter sakes are served around body temperature.
The taste and flavor of sake change, depending on the temperature.
Etiquette demands that one should always pour sake for others but never for oneself,when a guest or friend’s cup is empty, fill it !! Remember to also lift your cup from the table when sake is being poured for you. When drinking with friends or associates a hearty
“ Kampai!! ” (meaning, “ to thebottom of cup!!”), is the toast most often heard.



Naturally brewed with
only water natural farming
method rice - strictly no
agrichemicals or chemical
fertilizers grown.
Mellow & smooth,
multi-layered taste
with delightfully elegant hint
of fruitness and slight
acidity. Pure, tastefully light



Made from and
contains rice
and water only -
a lst class pure
rice sake.
Dry, solid,
also very enjoyable
in worm style (Atsu-kan).
fits kushi-yaki.



Made from and
contains rice and water only -
a lst class pure rice sake.
Dry and crisp,
clear finish with
pleasing rich
rice-like flavour.
Perfect accompaniment
to Kushi-yaki..

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