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For more than 15 years,
restaurant Kushi-Tei of Tokyo represents

the authentic Japanese cuisine for a reasonable price.

Kushi-Tei is specialized in kushiyaki:
several kinds of charcoal grilled skewers,
including the world-famous yakitori.
Also our restaurant offers a regularly changing menu
with several other Japanese dishes.

Eel from the Mediterranean Sea, mackerel and wild salmon
from the North Sea (Norwegian Sea), tuna,
squid and white fish from the Pacific Ocean...
We grill and serve this wild harvest from the sea with delicious flavor.

Our special soy-sauce highly requires a traditional craftmanship.
An organic soy-sauce is gently cooked and simmered with sake,
a lot of Japanese spices and herbs over 24 hours,
and its smooth consistancy. Japanese cuisine serves over
10 sorts of sauces according to materials like meat, fish or vegetables.

Why charcoal?
Because only the charcoal grill allows you to taste a double texture of meat:
crispy on the outside, and juicy and tender inside.
And also, the charcoal grill provides healthy, low-calorie dishes,
as the high temperature melts off the fat of the meat.
We have selected a high-quality charcoal for a delicate aroma and rich taste.

Kushi-Tei has an informal atmosphere and a warm interior.
Kushi-tei is like a second home for most of our regular Japanese customers.

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